assessAccording to Kaplan and Kaiser (2009), past research provides clear evidence that supports the assessment of leadership performance as necessary act in the leadership development field.  Furthermore, (Kaplan & Grossman, 2010, p. 116) assert that leadership assessment can bring about new profits for businesses and also help them move forward toward sustainable business practices.  Based on these two powerful statements on assessing leadership development and performance, our leadership team has not only included a variety of assessment activities within our world leader’s development program, but we have created three customized assessments to measure the growth of the men and women that engage themselves within our leadership development program.   Please feel free to download one of our customized leadership assessments that has been created to measure and evaluate your emerging and seasoned leaders based off the content that is addressed within our world leader’s development program.


Click here to Download the World Leader’s Curriculum Assessment

To download the World Leader’s Curriculum Assessment, just click on the link above. To receive the answers and scoring instructions to the Leadership Assessment, you will need to obtain a copy of the facilitator booklet.

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