Joshua Fredenburg is a nationally recognized speaker, leadership consultant, leadership development expert, television commentator, President of the Circle of Change Leadership Conference, and best-selling author who has just completed his newest book and leadership development program entitled, ‘The World Leader’s Institute’.

In this powerful book and leadership development program, Joshua draws on more than fifteen years of leadership training, research, coursework, experience, discussions with top leaders, and hundreds of keynote and workshop presentations on the topic of leadership to provide emerging and seasoned leaders with a leadership experience that will change their life forever.

Throughout this engaging and transformational leadership experience, emerging and seasoned leaders will have the opportunity to read, learn, discuss, assess, and reflect upon forty leadership qualities that every leader must consider in order to develop into a successful leader of the 21st Century.

Men and women who aspire to become one of the world’s next top leaders and experience this leadership development program will learn how to discover the leader within and uncover specific leadership skills that will enable them to evolve into effective relational leaders.  In addition, they will also find out the keys to becoming an effective operational leader and learn how to create a strong spiritual foundation for leadership success in the 21st Century.

To learn more about this incredible leadership book and development program, visit the different pages within this website so that you can learn more about why this leadership program will change your life forever!

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