wisconsinJoshua’s presentation was more than what I expected. Usually speakers come in and are too preachy and come off as people who can’t really relate to the crowd. Joshua had very concise key leadership strategies that the audience members were able to identify and take away. If you are looking for a speaker that will energize a crowd and get people on their feet, this is exactly the speaker you are looking for! Of all the motivational speakers that the Big Ten Leadership Network has hosted, Joshua has been the most successful in captivating an audience and inspiring others to use specific strategies in applying leadership skills to the real world. Overall excellent speaker and presenter.

Theodore I. King III
Big Ten Leadership Network Committee Chair
Student Leadership Program
University of Wisconsin

utepFrom the time Joshua Fredenburg took the stage until the time he concluded, the energy level was high, our students were engaged, and all present were a part of a life-changing experience. He is definitely someone we would invite to campus again as it is evident that he believes what he says, his energy is infectious, and his message is suitable for all ages.

Ryan C. Holmes
Associate Dean of Students and Director of Judicial Affairs
The University of Texas at El Paso

uJoshua hit the nail on the head with his presentation. Our Leadership Summit was not only enhanced by his presence – it was kicked into high gear by his energetic personality and motivational words. We received nothing but positive feedback about Joshua’s keynote speech, as well as his breakout session, “Leadership Roundtable”. Students were very happy to have had the opportunity to hear Joshua’s message. It was a great jump start to a day of leadership development!

Joshua is perfect for any kind of college leadership development series. He not only catches your attention: he holds on to it and makes you want to soak up everything he has to say!

Sarah N. Ho
Assistant Director
Center of Volunteer Service and Leadership Development
University of Miami

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