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In the fall semester of 2012, the National Association of College Employers released a study asserting that 95% of employers believe that leadership development should start at age 21, 90% believe that leadership development programs should be part of every students’ educational experience, and approximately 75% of employers stated that they look for leadership experience in a future employee’s resume.

Surprisingly, although employers have made it clear that they are searching for employees with developed leadership skills, only 6% of universities have sophisticated, institutionally sustained collegiate leadership development programs and 52% of leadership educators have reported that they have done little to no coursework in leadership studies.

In response to these challenges amongst disciplinary accreditors, Joshua Fredenburg not only created his newest leadership book entitled, Are You the World’s Next Top Leader?, but he also created an extensive ten month leadership curriculum.  The powerful leadership curriculum is full of engaging leadership theories, practical applications, expert advice, personal assessments, and incredible reflection activities that are focused on equipping, empowering, and preparing emerging and seasoned leaders for leadership success in the 21st Century.

The specific learning outcomes that every emerging and seasoned leader can expect in this ten month leadership development process are listed below:


Learning Outcome #1

Discover the leader within by focusing on eleven qualities of leadership that every leader must identify within themselves if they desire to be effective in the 21st Century.

Learning Outcome #2

Learn how to effectively incorporate forty different leadership practices, principles, and concepts that will lead to immediate success as a leader.

Learning Outcome #3

Recognize eleven specific leadership qualities that every operational leader must possess in order to effectively serve as a leader of any organization, department, company, or team.

Learning Outcome #4

Develop and build positive relationships with a circle of at least twelve mentors who will enable them to grow and emerge as effective leaders within their area of expertise.

Learning Outcome #5

Learn about eleven qualities of leadership that are geared towards helping emerging and seasoned leaders become more effective at building positive relationships with others, leading diverse groups of people more effectively, and maximizing the potential of others that are part of their leadership team.

Learning Outcome #6

Participate in meaningful discussions on leadership with highly successful leaders who will lead towards progressive growth as a leader personally and professionally.

Learning Outcome #7

Discover seven spiritual qualities of leadership that have enabled some of the greatest world leaders to make a positive impact in their community, nation, and world.

Learning Outcome #8

Engage in reflective exercises and an array of assessment activities that will enable emerging and seasoned leaders to develop a greater understanding of different leadership skills and who they are as a leader.

Learning Outcome #9

Participate in a transformational experience that will not only change their life forever, but enable them to impact the lives of others around them as well.

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